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Janitorial vs. Commercial Cleaning: Choosing the Right Service(s) for Your Facility

Updated: Oct 10, 2023


Maintaining a clean and tidy workspace is essential for any business, but when it comes to facility cleaning, not all services are created equal. If you're located in Berks County or Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and you're in need of professional cleaning services, it's important to understand the differences between janitorial cleaning and commercial cleaning. Each service type serves a unique purpose and offers specific benefits tailored to the needs of your facility. In this article, we'll delve into the distinctions between these two cleaning services to help you make an informed decision for your business.

Janitorial Cleaning Services

Janitorial cleaning services are typically focused on day-to-day maintenance and cleaning tasks within a facility. Here are some key features of janitorial cleaning:

  1. Regular Schedule: Janitorial services are usually scheduled on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, depending on the needs of the facility. This consistency helps maintain a clean and hygienic environment for employees and visitors.

  2. Basic Cleaning Tasks: Janitors perform routine cleaning tasks such as sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, and emptying trash bins. They also clean and sanitize restrooms and replenish supplies.

  3. In-House Staff: Many businesses hire in-house janitorial staff, but outsourcing these services to a professional cleaning company can be cost-effective and ensure high-quality results.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning services, on the other hand, offer a broader and more comprehensive range of cleaning solutions for larger and more complex facilities. Here's what you can expect from commercial cleaning services:

  1. Customized Cleaning Plans: Commercial cleaning companies tailor their services to the specific needs of your facility. This means they can handle a wide variety of tasks, from routine cleaning to deep cleaning and specialized services.

  2. Advanced Equipment: Commercial cleaners use professional-grade equipment and cleaning products to ensure a thorough and effective cleaning process. This includes floor stripping and waxing, carpet cleaning, and window washing.

  3. Flexible Scheduling: Unlike the fixed schedules of janitorial services, commercial cleaning can be arranged as needed. This flexibility is essential for businesses with irregular hours or seasonal cleaning requirements.

  4. Suitable for Large and Complex Facilities: Commercial cleaning is ideal for large office buildings, industrial facilities, healthcare institutions, and warehouses, among others.

Choosing the Right Service

When deciding between janitorial and commercial cleaning services for your Berks County or Lancaster County facility, consider the following factors:

  1. Facility Size: The size of your facility will greatly influence your choice. Smaller spaces may benefit from janitorial services, while larger, more complex facilities require the expertise of commercial cleaners.

  2. Cleaning Needs: Assess the specific cleaning needs of your business. If you require specialized services or have unique cleaning challenges, commercial cleaning may be the better option.

  3. Budget: Compare the costs associated with both services and evaluate your budget constraints. In some cases, outsourcing janitorial services may be more cost-effective.

  4. Frequency: Determine how often your facility needs cleaning. Janitorial services are best suited for daily or frequent cleaning, while commercial cleaning can be scheduled as needed.


In Berks County and Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Method Cleaning Services is here to provide you with the right cleaning solution for your facility. Whether you opt for janitorial cleaning to maintain day-to-day cleanliness or require the comprehensive services of commercial cleaning for your larger and more complex facility, we have you covered. Remember that a clean and well-maintained workspace not only enhances the image of your business but also contributes to the health and productivity of your employees and visitors. Contact us today to discuss your cleaning needs and schedule a consultation with our experienced team.

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Janitorial vs. Commercial Cleaning

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